In the summer, the graves of indigenous children were discovered at residential schools all over Canada. I felt angry, shaken, small, and helpless. I leaned into the fragile slowness of living through the pandemic, allowing myself grace. I hugged the friends I hadn’t seen in months. I cried in my car on the way home […]


As the pandemic restrictions lift I find myself spending long, beautiful Saturdays with loved ones, connecting through elbows bumps and cautious hugs. Through conversations with friends, I’m reminded that I’m defined by my closeness to God who lives within me. My love for myself is my spirituality and connection to Her. My ability to seek […]


As it does every year, the recently passed winter weighed me down, and the immediate shift into the pandemic tested my strength more than I ever expected. Many winter days, I found it difficult to keep myself strong and optimistic. I longed daily for the joy Vancouver summers bring, until the potential for that summer […]

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