Spirit Pride 2018

Hey! Long time no talk. Many things have been keeping me busy, some more exciting than others.

Perhaps the most exciting thing to recently happen to me, I was sponsored to attend Spirit Pride: An LGBT Spirituality Conference here in Vancouver from July 27-29 and write an article about the event.

You can read the article I wrote by clicking here.

I would like to thank my friend Peter Haresnape for providing me the opportunity to attend the event and write about it for the Student Christian Movement website. As you can read in the article above, it was an absolutely amazing event to attend. I look forward to more similar opportunities in the future.

I hope God blesses each of you daily, the way She does so generously done for me in my recent months. I’ll talk to you again soon!

Stay joyful, friends,


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Vivian Gietz is a 26-year-old bisexual woman, writer, feminist, and activist. Professionally a Communications Specialist, she graduated from the University of British Columbia, Okanagan campus with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and a minor in Gender and Women’s Studies. Vivian explores queer and feminist perspectives on mental health and spirituality through her writing, work, and everyday life. Vivian's creative perspective allows her to navigate both personal and professional situations with an emphasis on diversity, inspiration, and spirituality. Her other interests include fashion, coffee, and Taylor Swift. She currently resides in Vancouver, BC with her beloved cats, Baby and Theodosia.

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