Hello friends!

I promised I would update this blog more, and look! Two in one month, for the first time! Go me!

Things have been pretty great. I’m consistently happy right now, except that I’m breaking in new shoes at my sales job, and god, do my feet ever hurt. The new job is also a lot more all-consuming than I thought it would be, but I’m riding it out. In retrospect, the few setbacks are a small price to pay for the stability it provides. I’m completely exhausted, but I’ll get used to it. I’ve been told by my training managers that I’m doing great for someone just starting out.

I don’t really have a lot of passion for the logistics of sales and marketing, but I’m learning them just fine, my coworkers are great, lovely people, and it’s even kind of fun. There’s also genuine room for growth within the company, and although it’s not what I pictured, I’ve got nowhere else to go in the near future.

Baby is becoming a natural Vancouverite, navigating the logistics of coming and going through my window with ease. She comes back after hours smelling like rain, and, well, Vancouver. She climbs up fences and neighborhood trees and chases birds. She does typical cat things. She’s even met several of my friends and family here, at the housewarming party I had on Friday night, although I had to drag her out from under the bed to meet everyone.

And honestly, my house has never been so warm as it was that night. This place is truly my home, complete with the cat who sits next to me purring now, the friends both here and further away that I keep in touch with, see, or am just meeting. Vancouver’s January cadence is one I fit into well, one I walk along to with pride and joy in my step (especially on days when my feet don’t hurt).

One thing that rubs me the wrong way about having to work full days on weekends is that I will be unable to go to church on Saturday evenings or Sunday mornings, because I’ll be working. It is a habit which I hold near and dear to my heart, a weekly consistency that has always gotten me through even the most inconsistent and terrible times of life. There is nothing like a Catholic Mass to make me feel at home no matter where I am.

But it will still be there when I come back to it, when I have the time again to go. God will be with me, even when I’m away from weekly Mass. She’s gotten me this far, after all, and I’m at home now. The certainty, security, and happiness I have in my future, the unknown I’m leaping into each and every day, my new career path in a job totally different than what I’ve been searching for or expecting, it is part of learning, part of being at home, part of praying and worshiping Christ.

Things can finally remain stable, can settle down, be peaceful, joyful, and growing, as spring slowly approaches. Here’s to more growth as the world continues turning.

While winter is still here, make sure you stay warm, both in your body and your heart,


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