Just Go

Hey friends,

When I first started this blog, and made that initial post, I was in the beginning stages of crafting a plan to leave my boring home town for Vancouver. I finally had the motivation to choose myself, my happiness, and my own future over the many practical voices suggesting I stay at home as long as possible, for the sake of saving money that I have been warned, many times, I will not have any of once I start living there. I know. Trust me, I know.

But it would be the understatement of the century to say I’d much rather be poor over there than financially comfortable over here. I ache to struggle, to visit friends, to breathe humid air, to walk among bustling people, to wake up early and with purpose, to live where I know my heart is destined to be for the next chapter of my life.

I am going to Vancouver! It’s official. I recently landed a part time retail job, and will be staying with a friend for late September and most of October, searching for a place to rent for November and a second part time job, or a full time, “real”, better paying job. I have an interview set up for a full time position for the beginning of October, writing and managing social media for a Christian missionary and outreach group, and I am praying I get it, as it seems like a perfect job for me. I hope you’ll pray for me too.

As I move forward, now is the time for thank yous. To the many people who got me through this summer and gave me the confidence to pursue the life I deserve, helped me look for housing and jobs, helped me budget, listened to me talk about how scared I was, answered my questions about rent and insurance and other adult things, and told me over and over that I could and should just go, until I finally listened, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Olivia, Jocelyn, Xenia, Kezia, Jackie, Sierra, Aarushi, Christina, Freya, Jordan, Rae, Sarah, Elizabeth, Alex, Fred, Steph, Peter, Lex, Elisa, Margarita, Juliette, Franchesca, every single member of the Theology of Our Bodies Facebook group, that anonymous person on Tumblr who sent me encouraging messages every day, and many others I’m probably forgetting: thank you. Thank you more than I can ever repay or express. You are the reason I live, pray, write, and smile. I love you.

Here’s to a fall of writing, job searching, and living as my authentic self. Here’s to a fall of outreach, ministry, joy, and hope, whatever that looks like, and soon, to a new year that means bringing my tiny black cat to live with me in our new home.

The future is terrifying in the most exhilarating way.

Happy Bisexual Awareness Week,


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